Making Amends

Making Amends

Variable installations of experimental prints, sculpture and pre-made objects, 1989-1991

The site of daily resurrection — a place where sleep can and does transport us to a different world

Skin Prints

Installations of Bed Prints

An exploration of the interface between the body and the culturally designated place of rest. The bed as a transition place, the site of daily resurrection, the depository for anger. Printing ink, oils, powdered graphite rubbings of bedsprings and other reliefs on paper. The prints are translucent and shroud-like after being rubbed with oils and embossed with the bedspring pattern.

For the 1990 performance, several colleagues were asked to experience the bare bedframe, the action of which was unmodified by mattress, etc., and therefore quite springy. Their reactions to the experience were documented in writing and photographs.

Everlasting Organs and sculptural sketches

A series of polyurethane sculptures devoted to exploring the interface between objects.