Black Swan, 2014
Cut & folded construction of digital prints, 64 x 53 x 2”

A multilayered printed construction that harbors hidden black swan images. Row upon row of cut and raised wing-like flaps consecutively reveal layers of imagery: body imagery engulfed in bedcovers. Skin imagery is exposed under hand drawn body hair that is itself exposed under the patterning of quilts. Metaphorically, the body within the bedcovers seems to lift as if a magic carpet, denying the usually perceived burden of chronic “otherness.”
Here as in much of Chronic Fantasia, segments, patterns and motifs are repeated over and over again in an evocation of slow time in which action is subtle or nearly non-existent. It is this giving up or giving in to the collapse of active time, and strategies for surrendering oneself to physical passivity, that interests the artist.