Uneasy Landscapes 2012

Uneasy Landscapes, 2012

Harriet Sanderson: Uneasy Landscapes was a 25-year solo artist survey at Kirkland Arts Center in Kirkland, Washington (November 2 – December 15, 2012).

Guest-curated by Elizabeth Bryant the exhibition included experimental and traditional prints, drawings, sculptural installations and a suite of new, large-scale prints created specifically for the exhibit. An accompanying exhibition catalog featured essays by Elizabeth Bryant, Shirley Scheier, Dr. Ann Fox, Robert Mittenthal, and Michael Spafford.

Of the new work, Sanderson writes, “These pieces employ non-traditional printmaking methods and are a current elaboration of such ongoing themes in my work as the physical body as the primary maker of experience and identity; and the powerful influence of chronic illness, aging and disability on self-identity. The work draws on experiences of being bedridden for long stretches and the resulting boredom as well as childhood memories of doodling on my arms and hands and tracing patterns in the rumpled bedclothes. It speaks to the real fact that being imperfect is no fun, but a propensity for play can make it more tolerable. Rooted in a printmaking background, I build these digital images in much the same way as a printmaker would construct a print – layering scans of my own skin, my previous work, and mattress pads with imagery of constellations, games, puzzles, etc.  My cultivation of the peculiarities of the digital process results in unnerving edges, overlaps and crops, all of which are intentional. Many of the prints are then also overdrawn with pen and ink.”